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Dairy, Food and Pharmaceutical

Dairy, Food and Pharmaceutical industries are subject to very stringent sanitary requirements. The most common standards applying in these industries include USDA/3A, FDA, EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group), IDF (International Dairy Federation), NZ Dairy.  There are also applications in the pharmaceutical sector when the atmosphere is explosive and the equipment has to comply to additional explosion regulations. We experienced sites where all powder vessels and routes had to be rated for 10 bar, and the electrical devices to be Eexd rated.

Airport / Cargo Handling

Techno Links have expertise in the area of airport cargo handling. We have been involved in major airport projects in New Zealand and Pacific, using equipment such as motorized storage racks, turn tables, dolly tippers and many others.

Automated Production Lines

Bulk Fuel & Petroleum

Bulk Materials Handling

Bulk Material Handling has a very broad scope, and Techno Links focuses on the Petro Chemical and Plastic industries.  We also have expertise in applications for cement plants, wood chips, salts, grains.