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Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Dispute Resolution

Problems can arise from time to time between you and your customers, suppliers, partners, employees. Problems between business partners are also very common. Techno Links can assist in resolving most disputes quickly and efficiently by using a common sense approach. The steps involved in a successful resolutions are:

  • Listening carefully to your customer, supplier or employee and objectively assessing their position
  • Requesting documentary evidence to verify the facts
  • Understand each party’s legal obligations
  • Negotiate face to face in a calm and professional manner

When a dispute is unable to be resolved, there are other steps that can be taken before going to court, such as Mediation and Arbitration


Mediation is very important, as very often it is the last step before litigation.  

Compared with going to court, mediation is

  • Less expensive
  • Quicker
  • More informal and
  • Less stressful

One big advantage of Mediation is that the outcome is negotiated by the parties involved, and it doesn’t require a third party to decide upon the matter, such as in the case of Arbitration. At Techno Links we were able to save our customers significant legal cost through successful mediation.