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Design & Engineering

Dairy, Food & Pharmaceutical

Dairy, Food and Pharmaceutical industries are subject to very stringent sanitary requirements. The most common standards applying in these industries include USDA/3A, FDA, EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group), IDF (International Dairy Federation), NZ Dairy.  There are also applications in the pharmaceutical sector when the atmosphere is explosive and the equipment has to comply to additional explosion regulations. We experienced sites where all powder vessels and routes had to be rated for 10 bar, and the electrical devices to be Eexd rated.

At Techno Links we developed extensive expertise in handling dairy powders (milk, casein, cheese, whey, lactose), flour, sugar, infant formula, cereals, coffee, soup mix, amoxicillin, pharmaceutical pellets, etc. Some well known customers we have been working with over the years delivering equipment & integrated systems are listed below:

  • Abbot Laboratories
  • Bonlac Foods
  • Brystol Myers
  • Danone
  • Fonterra
  • Glaxo SmithKline
  • Kraft Foods
  • Mead Johnson
  • Murray Goulburn
  • Nestle
  • New Zealand Bakers
  • Northland Dairy
  • PT Sari Husada
  • Sanitarium
  • United Biscuits
  • Wyeth Ayerst

Equipment supplied to European Community countries need to be CE certified, and the certification requires an extensive knowledge of all the European standards applicable. The equipment manufactured outside EU needs to be accompanied by a Technical Construction File, which has the design and material details of all components

Types of conveying systems:

  • Feed systems including conveyors, bag opening machines, bag tip stations
  • Powder and granules transportation systems of the following types:
    • Vacuum lean phase
    • Vacuum dense phase
    • Pressure lean phase
    • Pressure dense phase
    • Pressure ultra dense phase
    • Various mixed phases and transitional phases, both vacuum and pressure, depending of the specific parameters of operation.
  • Packaging lines and robotic palletizing

Typical components of Powder Transport Systems are:

  • Vessels – for both sourcing the powder and receiving the powder
  • Separation vessels – where the transport air is separated from the powder/ bulk
  • Pipes, including bends, elbows, Y and T sections
  • Valves – which can be for air only or for the air-powder mixture
  • Rotary valves and augers
  • Mixing equipment such as ribbon blenders, paddle blenders
  • Sieving equipment such as vibratory and rotating sieves
  • Modified atmosphere packaging with gassing equipment – used for replacing the oxygen contained in powder for increasing shelf life
  • Mills for reducing particle size
  • Liquid – solids interfaces

Typical components of Packaging Systems are:

  • Loss in weight and volumetric feeders
  • Bag filling lines including bag filler, neck stretcher, bag tipper/ turner, bag sealer, conveyors, robotic palletisers, printers
  • Can filling including depalletiser, UV tunnels, conveyors, can fillers, can seamer, accumulation tables, lid applicators, weigh and reject stations, printers
  • Sachet filling lines including Sachet filling machines, conveyors, case filling, case closing, case packing, palletisers, printers, weigh and reject stations

Airport / Cargo Handling

Techno Links have expertise in the area of airport cargo handling. We have been involved in major airport projects in New Zealand and Pacific.

Example of equipment used at Air New Zealand:

  • Motorized storage racks
  • Chain and roller conveyors
  • Scissor lifts
  • Turn tables
  • Dolly tippers
  • Multi functional transport vehicles
  • Automation/ Control system

Automated Production Lines

We supplied components and entire systems to companies that required reliable and easy to operate automated lines. Examples:


  • Automated assembly line, including conveyors, turn tables, pneumatic scissor lifts, vertical lifts, etc


  • Equipment for noddles production line including conveyors, box turners, etc
  • Automated Sterilizing System including Basket and Retort filling and emptying lines with changing geometry

Bulk Fuel & Petroleum

We can engineer and project manage you Bulk Fuel Systems.

Example of projects managed:

  • Under and above ground tank installations
  • Tank decommissioning and disposal
  • Fuel storage and dispensing systems