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Contract Management

Contract Management

Effective planning at the project initiation stage, quality evaluation processes, and effective contract management post-contract award are critical to facilitating successful contract delivery. Techno Links can manage your Contract throughout all stages, – tender preparation, assessment, negotiation, award execution. Whether a GC21 or a large international contract, we have the expertize to make it a success. 

Procurement Planning

We’ll make sure  your needs are being met – we’ll be consulting key stakeholders to define requirements, analysing how the supply market works, assessing risks and ultimately defining the best procurement strategy 

Evaluation Reports

We’ll maintain records for all written quotes and tenders, in support of the decision making process leading up to the award of a contract This will be presented to you  in the evaluation report. 

Contract Management Plans

Contract management is an integral part of the procurement cycle. They are in particular important for medium to high risk contracts in ensuring that all parties to the contract are meeting their obligations. A contract management plan enables us to properly manage contracts by addressing transition management, performance monitoring and any unforeseen circumstances.

Contract Variations

We’ll ensure that the contract will reflect any agreed changes to the initial contract scope. All changes will be recorded in writing and the contract management plan amended if required.